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Nicoa, USA
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Susan Marie,  FL

I sought help for several reasons. I was experiencing grief from the loss of a relationship, crippling fear, and I had a powerful trigger that was causing turmoil. Paula took the time to listen to me and she recommended a plan. She accessed how I rated myself in many areas and capacities before we began. She also did this midway and then again at the end. After the first session, I felt an immediate shift in my outlook and mood. Within a week there were major changes in my relationships and my business for the better. The people around me noticed I am more peaceful and confident. I recommend Paula to anyone who wishes to dig deep into root causes for current issues and reoccurring issues with the intent to overcome them. Paula’s techniques reveal connections between the spiritual, physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of things. This holistic approach is the most beneficial approach I have experienced. 

Nancy B, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Rapid Transformational Therapy is everything it says it is. I was never able to allow myself to go under enough to comfortably

experience the true effects of Hypnosis; but Paula Blatcher has made that possible. Paula is amazingly knowledgeable and has
such a positive energy that you can’t help but feel relaxed around her. Paula’s wealth of information is to be admired and that
along with her good personality ensures that you are in a safe nonjudgmental space. I would highly recommend RTT to anyone

out there who is willing to make an investment in transforming their life and future. It’s worth every penny! Much Thanks Paula!

Evelyn L, FL

Paula was so incredibly helpful during my difficult labor. I was on day 5 of labor induction and in active labor but unable to fully progress. Paula got on the phone with me and talked me through guided imagery to help me progress in my labor. She calmed me down, listened to my concerns and fears, and even yelled with me through my contractions.

I truly believe her assistance helped guide me through a very difficult time where I felt like giving up and just having a C-Section.
A couple of hours after talking to Paula, I welcomed my son into the world as our bodies are meant to… and he was happy and healthy. I am very thankful to Paula for her help and continued genuine interest in our family’s health and wellbeing, even after delivery.

Natalie M., KY

Hello! My name is Natalie and I had a wonderful session with Paula! I asked Paula to help me with discipline for my goals.

Paula helped me to realize that this was about feeling good enough for my goals. Paula is supportive, knowledgeable, comforting and does not judge.


I felt heard in my session with Paula and I recommend her to everyone!

Michael M., FL

Paula, your recording is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard, your voice is like velvet angels!!! I’m serious, it's remarkable, in all the recordings of tranquility and relaxation and ASMR I’ve heard, I have never encountered a voice so comforting. It’s your voice, but different. The music has to have an effect, but you change it a little maybe. Instantly I was so relaxed, it’s very powerful.

Bill O., IL

Paula's kind and wise stewardship in the RTT session helped to free me from blocks in relationships.

I am finding that I have a lighter touch now in my relationships with friends and family, I have a greater sense of freedom and empowerment moving through the world, more at ease now.


I would highly recommend a session with Paula.

Regina, FL

Paula was very thorough with making sure she understood what it was I was trying to change for the better in my life.

She came to me with this intention to help and was dedicated to helping me heal. Her session was very intuitive, compassionate, not eager to rush through so that she made sure we found the root cause of the issues that were affecting my life so negatively, and she helped me to understand they were not a factor ever again.

The transformational recording was beautifully done with music and addressed all of the positive changes I wanted to make. It was so relaxing and made it easy to listen to and be consistent with. It is now the middle of February 2021 and I have noticed so many positive changes.
I am 90% less triggered by my children's behavior and I quickly check myself when I am. I have more fun and an easy going outlook to life and feel very loving even in instances that would completely stress me out where I used to morph into a monster.


I have a more fun and communicative relationship with my partner. I am more motivated to spend quality loving time with my kids. My responsibilities are not overwhelming me. I am taking better care of myself daily; caring about my appearance and overall well-being. Being happy is a priority. I am able to meditate through the chaos and feel mostly stress free.


I am more relaxed in my day to day, and so much more.
Paula played a primary role in helping me reach this quality of life that I didn't really think was possible due to my upbringing and I will forever be grateful to her and how she helped me clear this cloud of negativity that I carried with me for the majority of my life! Knowing that these issues will never affect me ever again is a relief and I am looking forward to all the great experiences I have with my family from now going forward.

Thank you, Paula!

Doreen B., Barbados

At 85 years, I am in good health, but have chronic osteoarthritis in my knees and shoulder, along with other minor conditions related to aging. After completing the intake form, Paula went through it with me thoroughly, and then prepared a very comprehensive recording to address not only my painful knees and shoulders, but all the main systems and organs of my body that must function consistently well to keep me in optimum health. She also included emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of my life, in a very holistic way to promote overall healing. She advised me to listen to my recording as many times as possible and I decided on a minimum of 2x per day, morning and evening, adding an extra session when possible. I started to work with the program immediately and was very faithful in doing my part. We had frequent monitoring and evaluation sessions to assess my progress and Paula gave me useful advice to deal effectively with my concerns.

There were significant changes in my knees in the first six weeks, and this continued in both my knees and shoulders, and at this point, I have had 90 percent improvement in my physical conditions. I have also been ‘led’ to many exercise programs online that have increased my mobility and balance in my everyday activities. Because of these physical changes, my social life has improved tremendously and I can do much more in my garden which is my very favorite hobby. I feel very well and more confident in my life and get constant compliments regarding how well I look.

It is my great pleasure and honor to highly recommend Paula to seniors especially, and anyone who wishes to make real changes in their lives and who need guidance in how to make that happen.

Dianne H., PA

I have always suffered from anxiety and through the years have sought out relief from time to time.  Although talk therapy has helped me immensely, I still had trouble with the replaying of negative thoughts in my head, especially at night before I went to bed.  I could be almost asleep and all of a sudden my heart would palpitate and my thoughts would rush, playing in a negative loop.  I was being trolled by my anxiety right when I would be on the verge of sleep.  When Paula told me about RTT therapy I was glad to give it a try.  It was a very easy process and Paula made it seamless.  Her calm demeanor and compassion come through as she guides you through the introductory steps needed for discovery.  The end product being a recording that is tailored to your particular needs.  I listened to my recording every night before bed for 3 weeks.  I am happy to say, I saw results quite quickly and began to fall asleep without experiencing my sleep disturbing anxiety.  It has been over a month and I am sleeping soundly!  I am now able to sleep without the aid of the recording, but I intend to keep it close at hand.  The success of the therapy has been most noticeable in helping me sleep soundly which is a profound improvement but I also notice I am less likely to replay negative thoughts during the day as well.  I would highly recommend Paula and RTT therapy.

Debbie D., FL

Since our last RTT session, I have grown more mentally and spiritually. I learn how to deal with depression by blocking it out of my mind and thinking positively. Since we discovered the issue during the session I learned how to cope more during family situations. I learned I am not God and I can not change everything and to let it go. I am so grateful to be Mrs. Paula's first RTT client, our session truly has brought me a long way.

Aileen B., Guadeloupe

Paula's audio proved to be an excellent tool to 'jump start' my sleep debt.

Her soothing voice guided me effectively into a relaxed, restful sleep.

Donna, NY

I came to RTT and Paula to get over the fear and anxiety of driving. I couldn’t even think about getting behind the wheel without stressing . But here’s the best part...not only have I driven, but also have become more focused and procrastinated less on starting and finishing design projects.

Thank you Paula please continue to help me and others.

Rosy C., FL

I have known Paula for over 20+ years. Not only is Paula a great friend but she is also my advisor. Whatever Paula recommends, I try my best to listen to her advice & do. I was diagnosed with Breast cancer in March/April of this year. Needless to say, Paula got on it right away. She prepared an awesome recording for me to listen to before bed. Long story short, my tumor shrunk! Like Paula used to tell me & I always cracked up... "let the Pacman's eat the tumor". Well, they did! I was finally able to have my surgery in July to have the cancer removed. I am so grateful to have a friend like her! I strongly recommend Paula, she is the best! Thank you, Paula, you are the Bomb!!!

Celine, East Africa

Two of my adult children and my son-in-law have done the RTT with Paula.

Our son went through a very difficult time due to a break-up after an eight-year-long relationship. He got terrible skin rashes, had a weak immune system, and very little confidence.
It is just wonderful to see the change in him. The rashes disappeared, his confidence came back, started another business, and straight away found investors.

Our youngest daughter always had difficulties making decisions and was very insecure. Could also never let go of certain issues. After the RTT program with Paula, it was incredible to see the difference in her. So much more confidence and so many more clients who want work done by her. She even bought her wedding dress overseas, all by herself! That was a real milestone for her!

Our son-in-law did the RTT fairly recently and what a difference we see in him. From being a nervous insecure person, he has so much more confidence and is definitely more outspoken and a calmer person. Also reading his vows and his speech at their wedding with so much self-assurance was wonderful to see.

I can highly recommend Paula. She is such a wonderful loving person.

Dawn, Virgin Islands

Paula is awesome. I noticed after a couple of sessions, going through the day felt easier, and better. My outlook was more positive and more confident.

Paula is great at what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs any assistance in sorting out personal roadblocks, which, under mild hypnosis, one can feel much better in a short space of time.

Paula is very supportive and caring. I feel lucky to have experienced this method of hypnosis with focused attention.

Paula spent a lot of time ensuring that she understood what I was
hoping to achieve and making the whole experience a pleasant
and enjoyable healing journey.


Thank you, Paula.

Carmen, FL

RTT is a life-changing experience.  I appreciate how Paula took the time to build trust and rapport with me prior to the session.  She left no stone unturned and did so with grace!  During the session, I felt safe and at ease and knew she was finding the pieces that would help free my subconscious from the old ways of thinking.  And I know the RTT worked because I felt better, I had new yearnings, my friends noticed something different about me, and most importantly for me, in my dream state I was safe and at ease with the images and dynamics that once tormented my sleep.  It doesn’t get bigger than this!  Over 30 years of PTSD-type symptoms, that in a 30-day period easily began to disappear.  I highly recommend Paula and RTT to those ready to embrace a new chapter in their lives.

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